Fastest Crochet Blanket Ever

fastest easy crochet balanket pattern
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Fastest Crochet Blanket Ever! Today we’re making the speedy granny crochet bedspread it is so fast it’s ridiculous you’re gonna love it!

Fastest Crochet Blanket Ever
Fastest Crochet Blanket Ever

What makes this stitch and this blanket so quick and so easy and easy enough to make an actual bed. Spread it’s a one row repeat so there’s one row to remember and you get to keep doing it back and forth it always starts the same it always ends the same! You’re skipping a stitch without making any holes you can see how it’s still a nice solid texture. So you are skipping a stitch or chaining every fourth stitch, but there is no holes it’s nice and dense.

This speedy granny crochet bed spread can be made any size from a toddler bed or a single bed double queen king california king it can be any size at all. You just adjust your starting chain and keep going until it is the height you want your blanket to be it does have a very straight edge so don’t worry about having a wonky edge or not identifying the last stitch of your row that is part of the pattern.

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